UX Design, App Design, iOS, July 2014


Team up with a classmate to create a specialized app solution to a struggle in their lives. Situation


Luisa is a busy working mom with a 5 and 7yr old at home (fussy eaters!). She wants to spend less time shopping and cooking, and more time with her children. She needs options with so many dietary restrictions.


Inspired by home cooking, family, made mood boards, remembering my own moms meal planning struggles, set out to create an app solution to filter down your choices. Studies show that too many choices slow us down + stress us out. Other recipe apps exist, but cater to foddies, not busy moms. *TableToo filters your families needs + specs to return you options that fit your real life and hectic schedule. The grocery list section makes your trips a breeze, making sure you always have a plan. TableToo has smart notifications to remind you what’s for dinner tonight! *differentiate between process and features


Collaborative feedback between Luisa and I gave the app a great visual style and functions that are intuitive in a real life use situation. I sketched out the user journey and she approved.

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